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Writing a CV: How to formulate professional stations
Curriculum vitae Position: Employer
Write the correct and complete company name. This means not Transformer, but Transformer GmbH. The company headquarters is also important information - or the location where you worked. Therefore: Transformer GmbH, Recklinghausen branch.

Curriculum vitae Position: Company description
Other information of interest: The company's business activity, number of employees and (possible) affiliation to a national or international group. This can also indicate that you worked in a company where the official language was English. But don't write excessively, it's best to write like https://editius.com/: 12,000 employees worldwide, around 250 at the Recklinghausen site.

CV Position: FunctionWhat position did you hold in the company? This should be clear at first glance. But: More and more position titles resemble fantasy creations. If this was also the case with you, then you may well do the job for the HR department - and convert the term into a comprehensible German term. Example: You do not give your former official title Logistics Supervisor, but Head of Internal Logistics. Another possibility, if the term is difficult or impossible to translate: add a short description in brackets. For example: https://editius.com/paper-checker/ (coordination of the flow of goods). On the other hand, there are now many English job titles that are commonly known. An example: Social Media Manager. Translation or explanation superfluous (or even embarrassing, because it implies cluelessness on the part of the addressee).

CV position: area of responsibility
Not only your formal position is important, but also the content. What did you do all day as a logistics supervisor? And what successes and results were your employer pleased with? Example: Head of internal logistics Responsible for bagging system, warehouse, order picking, waste disposal and production planning 16 employees Establishment of the new logistics department Establishment of a rolling bagging sequence planning with performance documentation Tripling of bagging performance by introducing a full-contour shift system Introduction of a https://editius.com/proofreading-dissertation/ concept, resulting in a cost reduction of 35 per cent Once again: No prose, but short and concise announcements in telegram style. Only key points! Feel free to leave out irrelevant or semi-important points.

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